Insurance Information

Insurance Payments:  We accept Medicare, Workers’s Comp Insurance and Veteran’s Administration Insurance.  We also accept some private insurance and personal injury/auto insurance. We are in network with Blue Cross / Blue Shield and United Health Care.


At this time we do not accept Medicaid.


We are happy to bill your insurance company if our services are a covered benefit under your plan.  However, we do not have the staff to offer insurance benefit verification.  There are many different private insurance companies and there are many different plans/policies under each individual company.  We can not guarantee coverage by any particular insurance policy.


It is the responsibility of the patient to check with your insurance company to see what benefits are covered on your individual policy.  Below we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask your insurance provider regarding coverage for our services.


  • Is Timothy Hawbaker, NP an in network provider with my insurance plan?
  • Does my plan cover acupuncture, massage therapy?
  • Does my plan cover physical therapy/manual therapy?
  • How many visits am I allowed per year?
  • Have I met my deductible and how much is my deductible?
  • Do I have a co-pay?
  • Are the visits covered in full?
  • Are there any dollar or calendar limits to my coverage? 
  • Is there a list of covered diagnosis codes for my coverage?


Important Reminder To Medicare Patients

Medicare requires that you meet an annual deductible before our services are covered.  If you have a Medicare supplement your annual deductible may be covered by your supplement.  If your supplement is a form of Medicaid such as Rocky Mountain Health Plans you will be required to pay your deductible out of pocket before our services are covered by Medicare.  If we are the first healthcare providers that you see in a calendar year then you should be prepared to pay your annual deductible before Medicare will cover our services.